Good Ventilation Helps Your Home

The house, as a living organism, breathes, inhales fresh air, and exhales – dirty moist with smells. In other words, the house needs air and exhaust ventilation, and the beginner needs ventilation advice in this matter.

Supply ventilation is needed in those rooms where people are located, and exhaust ventilation – in rooms with sources of odors, humidity. The balance is very important: the amount of air that has entered the house – the same amount should leave the house. If the house has exhaust ventilation, but there is no supply air, fresh air does not flow through the sealed windows and doors, exhaust ventilation will not work, it simply will not be able to draw air from nowhere.

Natural exhaust ventilation of a private house.

This is the simplest and low-cost ventilation for your home. It does not require complicated equipment and power consumption. All that is needed to create it is an asbestos-cement pipe with a diameter of 150-200 mm, a deflector on the pipe head that will strengthen the traction and protect the room from rain. When building a house, air ducts are laid in the walls or the brick is laid out and vertically removed above the roof of the house. One exhaust duct per room. If you connect several rooms to one channel, air with odors will flow from one room to another. Removal of air is due to the difference in air temperatures in the street and in the house, the difference in pressure or the height of the exhaust ducts, the wind.

+ The cheapest ventilation system;
+ No fans and other mechanical equipment;
+ Ease of maintenance, cleaning the canal as it gets dirty (5-50 years after construction);
– In the summer it practically does not work;
– In winter, with sudden changes in temperature, the outlet on the roof freezes;
– In strong winds, air blows back into the rooms;
– The volume of exhaust air is not regulated.

Forced (mechanical) exhaust ventilation.

Mechanical exhaust ventilation is used where there is not enough natural. In mechanical systems, fans, check valves, speed regulators are used. One system can remove air from several rooms.

+ The volume of the exhaust air is regulated;
+ Does not depend on environmental conditions;
– More expensive than natural;
– Requires electricity and periodic maintenance.

Why good ventilation is a must for your home?

Humidity in the bedroom
Consider an ordinary room of 20 m2. In this volume of air can be dissolved in the form of steam up to 870 grams of water. Suppose, initially in the air of the room was 217 grams of steam, i.e. the relative humidity was 25%.