Emergency Response to Water Damage and Flooding in San Francisco & Bay Area

Experienced professionals in cleaning and repair of water damage to homes and businesses in San Francisco Bay Area

Our company provides teams of trained and knowledgeable water damage experts, who are ready to be at your disposal when your property is affected by water damage. Contact us as soon as possible and we will be with you within 1 hour of your call.

Our experience in the field of water damage repair and restoration combined with our high-tech equipment enables us to provide fast and proper response to the challenges of water damage affected buildings and belongings. Our mission is to bring back the health and safety to your homes and businesses saving your time and money. We offer fast and effective response to any size damage, no matter it is caused by clean, grey or black water. To achieve best result at affordable price our teams always follow established processes and methods in accordance with all State and Federal standards. The water damage repair and restoration process includes some certain steps such as:

  • Emergency Contact. Our trained and experienced technicians are available day and night to give a proper response to all emergency water damage events in San Francisco and the Bay Area. This initial contact is critical for the quick and effective repair and restoration of your property as long as you have the opportunity to give the information needed for the fast and efficient response to your situation. If you need a water damage service, or a water damage insurance claim call 415 914 1616 and arrange an emergency on site visit
  • Inspection and Water Damage Assessment. Our most advanced equipment enables our specialists to assess the amount of property damage and degree of contamination, detect hidden moisture, and offer the most effective solution to any water damage problem
  • Water removal, Drying, and Dehumidification. Our knowledgeable and trained teams are able to dry the affected area quickly, so that your home or business is completely restored to pre-damaged condition at affordable price within a shorter time frame
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing. Our specialists use scientific cleaning techniques, cleaners and sanitizers approved by EPA to bring back the health and freshness to your belongings. We provide antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment, odor removal, and disinfection to prevent mold and mildew establishment and growth and thus we save your health and safety
  • Water Damage Repair and Restoration. Our fast and proper response to water damage events lessens the damage, prevents further issues, and reduces costs. This step can include minor or major reconstruction to bring back the pre-damaged state of your home or business. THE SOONER YOU CALL US, THE LESS DAMAGE THERE WILL BE
  • In-depth Monitoring to detect hidden moisture and prevent secondary damages. Thus our company ensure the customers that we always provide permanent problem solutions.

We use the most advanced drying, cleaning, and restoration methods to ensure your situation is properly handled. These methods include:

  • In-depth health monitoring of structural materials and components
  • Infrared thermography (IRT), thermal imaging, and thermal video
  • Environmental data recording

Commend the Resolution of Your Water Damage Problems in the Hands of Experienced Professionals

Water is the most common cause of indoor damages that lead to structural deterioration and severe health issues. The main contributors to the water damage are extreme weather conditions, leaking pipes, drains blockages, sewer backups, leaking roofs, etc. No matter what is the cause of the water damage, it always burdens both, your budget and your nerves. An immediate response is crucial for the effectiveness of the solution of these problems. Otherwise, hidden moisture might remain undetected and thus lead to mold and mildew establishment and growth inside building. These problems are costly, time taking, and difficult to remedy.

Our professional experts always make sure that the water is completely removed and thus prevent any further damages that might be brought about by even a negligible amount of moisture. They are trained and certified by IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification), so they use the most advanced water extraction and removal methods as well as cutting-edge drying technologies.

Our high-tech equipment enables us to quickly identify the water source and properly handle the situation extracting the water and drying your property before the moisture lead to any further damages. Once the affected area is dried, our skilled and experienced professionals will repair your property bringing it back to its pre-damage state of condition, saving your time and money.

Signs of Water Damage

It is of paramount importance to know what you should check to prevent minor water damage issues from worsening. Water stains inside building, particularly on the walls, under the ceilings, around the doors and windows; peeling paint, or bubbling floors are the most common indicators of water damage.

Instant Response to the Water Damage 24/7

Water damage events are almost always unexpected immediate reaction is critical for the effective restoration of your property and belongings. Quick removal of standing water can minimize the damage and prevent the further damage to occur. Therefore, your furniture and other belongings must be displaced as soon as possible. It means to take time off from work and engage with difficult and complex repair and restoration processes.

That is why you need our high-skilled and IICRC certified professionals to properly handle your water damage situation. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to offer proper and quick response to your water damage event. Contact us at 415 914 1616 to arrange a personal emergency visit within an hour of your call.

Expert Quality Service

Our licensed and certified team of professionals will inform you about all the steps and details of the repair and restoration process. Our mission is to meet all your needs and requirements and bring back the health, safety and freshness in your home or business. Any kind and size of residential or commercial water damage poses no problem to our team of knowledgeable and experienced experts.

The services we provide are:

Do not waste time, call us at 415 914 1616 and arrange a free estimate no obligation appointment with our experts to assess the damage and provide the most effective solution to your problems.