Water Damage Sewage Clean Up

If a sewer pipe burst in an apartment or basement of an apartment building, then you will have to spend a certain amount of time and money on eliminating the consequences. Water damage sewage clean up service may be needed in a private house or in an apartment building. However, when you break through the sewage system in a private house, the situation is not so complicated, because you do not flood your neighbors, and the whole responsibility for the state of the sewer system lies with you. Therefore, the cash costs of water damage sewage clean up will not be as significant as in the case of a high-rise building in the city. In any situation, you must find the perpetrators and determine the cause of the breakthrough.

If a sewer pipe burst in a private house, then there’s no point in looking for who is to blame, because you alone are responsible for installing and operating your sewer system. The same can be said about the pipes running through the territory of your site. Quite another thing – breakthrough sewage in the apartment of an apartment building. If the accident happened to the pipeline going to the apartment, then only the owner of the dwelling is to blame. If the sewers burst in the basement or in the general riser, then the housing office is responsible for these networks.

Reasons for Water Damage Sewage Clean Up

As for the reasons that could cause an emergency, there may be several:

In order for a sewer pipe to break through in a basement or apartment, cracks and holes must be formed in the pipe, which will be small at first, but gradually this process will capture neighboring areas, causing weakening of the walls pipeline. Thus, it becomes clear that this is not a momentary process. Usually, cracks and holes are formed due to pipeline deformation or rust. As a result, through the holes begins to flow the contents of the pipes and cause flooding of the apartment or basement. Moreover, this process will be accompanied by an unpleasant smell. Often a breakthrough may be caused by the use of low-quality pipes or disruptions during their installation. Therefore, the sewers in the apartment should be done by professionals, so that in the future you will not have big problems. If cast-iron pipes were used to carry out the sewage system in the basement or apartment, the sealing gaskets may wear out over time. In principle, this happens with the old sewer systems, which have not been changed for a long time and have not been repaired.

How to Minimize the Damages from Flood?

While you wait for the arrival of professionals, sent by water damage sewage clean up company, you should not sit with folded arms. You can also do something to minimize the damage from the flood. You can do the following:

First of all, do not drain any liquid into the sewer, do not flush the water in the toilet and do not use the sewer system at all. If the breakthrough occurred in the open section of the pipeline, then you can put a hose clamp on the damaged place. This product is in the form of a tin ring with a rubber sealing gasket. After dressing the clamp with screws, you need to tightly pull off its two ends. That way you will not let drains flow. If the damaged area is small, then before the arrival of our specialists the hole can be plugged with clay or use cold welding. This will allow you to make a temporary barrier and reduce leakage before the arrival of emergency gang.
Clogged Sewer Pipelines – Possible Reason for Flooding

Sewer pipelines, which can serve for several decades, have one drawback: they periodically get clogged. It is good if the cleaning of pipes ends on the use of special chemistry, which helps to get rid of blockages. But what to do if all attempts to clean the pipeline were unsuccessful? It’s simple – you need to order a sewer pipe cleaning.
Before starting to clean the pipes, our specialists evaluate their pollution.

The process uses the latest equipment from leading manufacturers, the use of which not only guarantees high-quality removal of blockages but also does not cause any harm to the pipeline.
At the end of the pipe cleaning, a control assessment of the contamination of the structure is carried out, the results of which are provided to the customer along with video recording and documentary evidence of the work performed.

To ensure the maximum comfort of our customers and in order to get rid of their worries associated with emergency blockages of sewage systems, we offer the conclusion of contracts for a subscription service. In addition, each client receives a discount card from us, which guarantees him a discount on the order of our services if it becomes necessary to contact us again.

Do not let the blockages in the pipelines ruin your day – just give us a call! We will cope with any task!

The most common place of occurrence of blockages:

  • siphon or corrugated drain;
  • sewage pipe;
  • riser or pipes in the basement of high-rise buildings;
  • at the outlet of the pipe, where the return filter is installed;
  • between wells.

Often, blockages occur due to the irregular maintenance of sewer systems. On the inner side of the pipe deposits are formed, which eventually reduce their permeability, and even a very small object that gets there can completely clog the pipe. Lack of pipe cleaning for a long time can lead to emergencies, including pipe breakthrough, with subsequent major repair costs.

Water Damage Clean Up – Methods for Removing Unpleasant Odors

You can recognize the problem of clogged sewage pipelines by the presence of quite noticeable unpleasant smell. After identifying the cause of the smell of sewage, you can begin to eliminate it.
In the event of a system breakthrough or leakage of mixers, it suffices to eliminate these problems: replace the mixer or the gasket in it; solder or replace the pipe section. All work can be done on their own.

If the sewage stinks due to improper installation of the siphon, then this defect is easily eliminated on its own, without the help of plumbers.
The clogging of the fan riser, as well as the occurrence of odors due to insufficient ventilation, is solved by thoroughly cleaning the system. Do it yourself will not work. All cleaning work is done by professionals.

If it predominantly smells of sewage in the toilet, then it is necessary to check the condition of the drain tank and the hydraulic lock.
The smell of sewage in the house caused by blockages in the pipes can be removed with hot water. This is especially true of private houses, where large amounts of dishwashing grease accumulate in pipes. Commercially, hot steam is used instead of hot water.