Sewage Problems and Issues

Damage in your sewage could cause numerous problems in your home. Dealing with it quick and on-time is vital for the issue. Our company specializes in repairing broken and damaged sewages and restoration works. You want this problem taken care of as soon as possible as it can damage your entire property – the walls, the flooring, the furniture, the electrical system. It can also be extremely harmful to your health since sewage emanations can be very unclean and disease-carrying.

If you happen to be in a situation where your sewage has completely gone down or it’s just damaged do not hesitate to contacts us. Our team of professionals works 24/7 throughout the whole year.

Broken sewage can be caused by numerous factors – the whole system could have aged to a state where it no longer provides a safe and stable flow for the passage of the sewage water, it could have been clogged by flushed hair, cloth, dirt, paper or any kind of solid waste. Outside factors like fallen trees or long roots can damage your sewage as well and natural disaster and exceptional weather conditions are a serious factor as well. Also, industrial action by the company’s employees, a problem or blockage in your own drains or sewers. We are prepared to react accordingly to the situation. We will make sure that we prevent all the issues that can happen from broken sewage.


  • Poisoning
    Hydrogen sulfide is an explosive and extremely toxic gas. If you come into contact it could impair several different systems in the body at once, most problematically from which – the nervous system. Sewage gases include other contagious and toxic compounds as well. This can pose a serious threat to your and your family’s heath. In extreme cases even death may be caused
  • Fire Damage
    The gases contained in the sewage are not only toxic but a great part of them are flammable or explosive as well. This could cause serious fire and smoke damage to your home. We’ve specialized in taking care of such issues but they have to be done as fast as possible as this kind of damage accumulates over time if left untreated for too long
  • Water Damage
    Broken sewage can cause severe water damage to your property. This can include damage to walls, floors, furniture, technical equipment and other valuable items. If water comes into contact with the electrical system serious damage to the entire property may occur. Also water bring another serious issue to the table – mold. Mold can be extremely harmful to both your property and your health so it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible


You can identify sewer damage if you come across a similar scenario like:

  • Sewer gas odor – If your home constantly smells of waste even though that you clean regularly and keep it clean can mean that your sewage has been damaged and sewage gases are leaking creating the unpleasant odor
  • Mold problems – In cases of damaged sewage mold can developed if water has leaked from the damaged pipes. It can cause serious health issues and further damage to your home. Mold must be dealt with immediately and it’s not the only harmful thing that can develop – fungi can be an even greater problem if not detected
  • Slow drain – If blockage is being formed in the sewer your sink or toilet may seem to drain slowly and cleaning the pipes may not be enough for fixing the damage. This is another situation that calls for quick reaction and momentarily actions
  • Foundation cracks and sinkholes – In more extreme cases damaged pipes and especially leaked water can go deep down into the foundations and create cracks in the slab, settlement or sinkholes. This can be extremely dangerous since the foundation is one of the most important factors in the construction of a building and the main element for load intake. A main sewage line generally goes right below the slab so if the sewage damage happens in this area problems as the described are likely to occur. If you notice any foundation problem, immediately give us a call. We will provide you with a repair specialist to fix the problem before it escalates.
  • Rodent or Insect problems – Rodents and insects tend to live in the sewage. If damage and leakage are present, this may lead them to your home. This can be extremely dangerous as not only the creatures may damage your property but the transmit diseases that can cause severe health issues. Be sure to contact our specialists in such a case.