The Right Water-Extraction Equipment Saves Hardwood Floors in San Francisco & Bay Area

It is this unpleasant rule, still it is a true story, that almost every house or commercial building in San Francisco Bay Area experiences the damaging effect of water at some stage over the life of the building. No matter what the damage results from, whether it is due to bad weather conditions, pipe leaking, plumbing failure or another, water can always work its way through doors, windows, or even a crack in the wall and start flooding the whole of the house, apartment or business property in San Francisco Bay Area.

What’s even hardest to deal with is when water covers the hardwood floor that, say, you have been saving up for so long to install. Even if this is clean water flowing, say, some bathtub overflow, an unattended faucet leakage or a refrigerator water-line break – this clean water mixes with the dirt accumulated or other substances and ruins your hardwood flooring, carpets and rugs. Besides the prospect of having to replace your hardwood floor is daunting. Thus your best chance at saving the hardwood floor is to call a water-damage restoration company straight away. What’s more, remember that it is best if the whole process is documented phase by phase for insurance purposes. It is also important for the restoration company to be able to spot any hidden trapped moisture that can lead to secondary damages to the hardwood floor like mold and bad odor inside your home or office in San Francisco Bay Area. Still above all is the right equipment. Commercial grade water restoration equipment such as drying and restoration equipment is exactly what is needed for commercial or private buildings – no matter how big or small the water damage is, such kind of equipment can do the trick and save your hardwood floor. To be most precise, the following pieces of equipment come in truly handy for saving the hardwood floor at your home, office or business property in San Francisco:

  • dehumidifiers;
  • air movers;
  • indirect fired heaters;
  • hardwood floor drying mats

Digital moisture meters and infrared cameras are extremely helpful as well since they assess the water damage degree and insure all moisture is located and addressed properly.

Speed is a key element when dealing with all kinds of water damage, especially when talking of saving hardwood floors in San Francisco Bay Area. First and foremost, the standing water needs to be extracted with the right equipment. Secondly, all the furniture pieces, artworks and other possessions need to be removed from the hardwood flooring and taken, say, to a storehouse. The goods that have been damaged severely and which are already unusable need to be discarded so that not to continue damaging the hardwood flooring they are standing on. The flooring and the sub-floors need to be treated with the right methods and techniques, together with the right equipment so that to be restored fully hence the private or business property in San Francisco & Bay Area could become habitable once again. Structural drying is the second important step in the water-damage restoration process of hardwood floors. After successful water removal a different kind of equipment needs to be put into action on the hardwood floor – the structural dryers or heavy duty blow dryers. The aim is to remove abnormal water from the flooring so that humidity could get back to normal levels hence the growth of bacteria and mold could be stopped otherwise it will take far more time and resources to reverse the process that has reached mold formation on hardwood flooring. Even though water may come from a clean source the danger of black mold formation remains high. In case the water comes from a broken sewer line, an overflowing toilet or a river flooding it is even more urgent to take special measures as the affected area of the hardwood flooring will be contaminated in virtually no time.

Last but not least, water extraction, especially from hardwood flooring, is both art and skill; thus you need to hire experienced water-extraction company with the right equipment at hand. Of course, it is always best to opt for the services of water extraction companies in San Francisco otherwise you lack the right equipment, which is truly essential in water-damage emergency situations, especially on the hardwood flooring of your home or business setting. Although, there are plenty of individuals in San Francisco region offering water removal services it is wisest to search for a professional water extraction company which has the right equipment for the purpose. What’s more, the type of water extraction equipment depends entirely on the severity of the situation on your hardwood flooring. Light wands are still used by professional companies to extract water from carpets and hardwood flooring, of course, they cannot extract all the water, still they reduce the water accumulation on the flooring significantly, which is the right first step to be taken by the professional water extraction team. A water claw is yet another water extraction equipment and various companies choose one of the two methods for the start of the water extraction process on your hardwood flooring. Though the procedure with the water claw needs to be performed manually most professionals prefer to use it for its ability to fit into tight places, say, if the pieces of furniture are yet not removed from the hardwood floor.

Finally, pick the right company for water extraction in San Francisco and specifically research whether they use any of the tools or pieces of equipment described above; this is quite a precise method to distinguish whether you’ve chosen the right professionals to complete the work of extracting water from the hardwood floor in your house, flat, office or commercial building in San Francisco Bay Area.