Our properties deserve quality maintenance

We are all scared when something goes wrong at our property, after all this is our home and we don’t know what we will do without a place to live, is that so for you too? This means that our properties need and deserve proper and quality maintenance from us as their owners.

If there is a leak on the roof we should fix it in time, otherwise the roof could be damaged badly and it will require much more time, effort and money to resolve the problem completely.
Or what happens if the toilet overflows in the middle of the night? You should employ your own effort as there are virtually no professionals in the field working at night.

Still, in water damage situations arising in your property it is best if you call some experienced professionals that could deal with the emergency properly. It is hard, even impossible to deal with a flooded property by yourself as you need flood and water removal and rapid drying equipment. After that steam cleaning is best so that to return the property to its former self. Once the professionals have dealt with the water problem it is best to perform some hygiene testing and thermal monitoring so that to ensure that the property doesn’t stand any further risk – it is best if one company can offer you all these services in case of water-damage emergency arising at your property.

After all, our properties deserve quality maintenance; due to this reason you need to get rid of mould, as well, in case there is any somewhere in the house or apartment you live in. Mould and mildew are a true nightmare for all home owners. Thus whether you’ve spotted a small patch of mildew in the bathroom or a larger chunk on an external wall, getting rid of it should be your first priority. The next step is to find out what’s causing it, so you could prevent it from happening again.

Mould is usually a sign of a larger underlying problem in your home: damp. In the long-term, this can damage the structural integrity of your house. Mould and mildew may be a symptom of a deeper problem, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a harmless one. On its own, mould can cause plenty of problems, particularly in children and the elderly. Exposure to mould and mildew can be very harmful for people with existing skin conditions, compromised immune systems, or respiratory issues such as asthma.

So in order to take care of your property in the best possible way in this situation put on some rubber gloves safety goggles, and a dust mask so that not to inhale any of the particles and the chemicals you are treating it with. You can use a specialist mould and mildew cleaning spray, or create one yourself with household cleaning items. One part bleach to four parts water is an effective mould and mildew killer. Remove mould with a damp cloth, scrubbing gently until its gone. Once you’re finished, dry the area well with a soft cloth.

Mould and mildew likes warm, moist, dark spaces. Open the curtains during the day so that there’s plenty of natural light. If you notice any condensation gathering on your walls or ceiling, dry it immediately. Mould doesn’t appear from nowhere – it’s a fungus, and grows from spores. Cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming often will get rid of dormant spores and reduce the chances of mould coming back. Mould and mildew feed on organic materials like wood, cotton, and cardboard. Disinfect all of your wooden surfaces, wash fabrics, and replace cardboard storage boxes. This will get rid of any spores that are still lurking in your home.

If you want to prevent mould and mildew from ever coming back, then you need to get to the core of the problem. If it’s, say, an issue with condensation then you’ll need to tackle your home’s humidity. It’s wisest to invest in some dehumidifiers, keep the bathroom and kitchen doors tightly closed, and make sure you open a window whenever you’re cooking on the stove top or using the tumble dryer, as these both release excess moisture into the air.

The problem could be damaged or blocked guttering causing water to enter into your property; then you either need to repair it, replace it, or clear it out. Sometimes mould can be caused by damaged brickwork or leaking pipes within your internal walls, which should be tackled by a professional. Once these problems are fixed, mould should stop growing. If your property is suffering from rising damp, you will need to contact a professional builder. They will be able to add a damp proof course, which creates a barrier and stops water from being absorbed from the ground.

Last but not least, your properties deserve quality maintenance and ventilation is among the most important steps to take in order to take good care of your home and your own health. Besides, do use an extractor fan when you take showers and cook meals. Try to keep activities that generate steam isolated, and keep your windows open to allow air to flow in and out of your property. If you live in a naturally humid area it’s a good idea to invest in some high quality dehumidifiers. These remove the moisture from the air and make it impossible for mould to grow.