How to remove black mold?

Starting off with some explanation as to what black mold is – black mold or toxic black mold is the common name for the Latin Stachybotrys chartarum; as the name goes, though, it could be extremely harmful to the people living in the room it grows in. Mycotoxins are actually the dangerous toxins produced by black mold.

How to recognise black mold?

It is some greenish-black gelatinous mold and is usually slimy due to a wet layer on the top. Still in case a toxic black mold colony’s water source runs out it could become dry and powdery. However, there are several types of mold that look pretty similar to the black one and could be confused for it. Thus the only way to be sure whether you have black mold at your home is to have an expert take a sample and study it under a microscope.

As black mold is truly dangerous for people, you need to observe whether some family member or you yourself have the following symptoms: suppression of the immune system, tiredness, irritation, respiratory problems, nausea, inflammation of the skin, to name but a few. So you need to be extremely careful and protect your family as this type of mold could cause permanent problems to your health. Hence in case you find such type in your home you need to take precaution measures immediately and have it removed as soon as possible, you cannot live with it.
What’s more, never try to remove black mold on your own, after all, you are not a specialist on the subject and if you disturb it it can become even worse by making it release large amounts of spores and mycotoxins all over the place.

Thus upon finding black mold in your house or flat do call a specialist and wait until they arrive as being experts on black mold they will be able to remove it with the least of disturbance. What’s more, evacuate the place until the problem is solved – this is by far the best precaution in this particular case.

How long does it take for black mold to grow?

Well, the good news is that black mold doesn’t grow as fast as most molds; besides it needs a truly suitable material to grow on and the place needs to be damp for at least a week before black mold starts to grow. Still, in case all those conditions mix black mold develops and you already have a problem.

Although, unlike most molds that grow within to days, black mold develops over a period of eight to twelve days. When it starts growing it overtakes the place of all other molds so at least you will face the challenge of treating only black mold.

Professional testing

Once you find mold in your home that even slightly resembles black mold, it’s best if you have it tested by e professional since you never know. The essential thing for you is to have a specialist determine whether the mold is mycotoxin-producing toxic black mold or some non-toxic species of mold. You cannot really start with whatever measures before you know the type of mold you are about to deal with.

In case you have already had to face black mold at your property be extremely cautious since there could be a whole colony built thus some professional inspection is truly necessary,to say the least. What’s more, since all types of mold develop in damp conditions, it is not only enough to find the mold and deal with it; you should find the basic issue, say, some water problem and tackle it immediately.

Be adviced that mold, especially toxic black mold grows in hidden places hence mold inspectors use special tools to detect it. What you can do as a non-professional is look for signs of mold like specific odour, water-damaged materials such as warped walls or, say, peeling paint. B sure to check around pipes as well – actually all places where water flows.

Black mold removal

There is actually no antidote to black mold; what you can do is just have it removed every time it appears. Or if the situation is really bad, if toxic black mold appears pretty often at your property it is probably best to have your family and yourself including removed from the property for good.

First steps
You could start with some simple steps to protect your family before the specialist arrives.
First and foremost, evacuate the room or house as soon as possible. Then wear protective equipment such as eye protection, respiratory mask, protective clothing that covers the whole of your body and could be later thoroughly cleaned or disposed of, protective gloves, to name but a few.

Then seal the rooms with plastic sheets to stop the mold spores from spreading into the other parts of the property.

Have a big fan blowing out a window so that to create negative pressure.

Then, although some say that you can remove the mold by yourself using special products, I assume it’s best to wait for a specialist, who has the needed experience on black-mold removal.

You should also clean all your belongings, some may need to be disposed of. Seal moldy objects and throw them away.

Last but not least, do not try to remove black mold by yourself since you can disturb it and make it release millions of spores all over the places making it impossible then even for a specialist to get rid of the problem. Rather, find the best mold-removal company and hire some of their specialist teams to do the task in the best way possible.