Mold and Mildew in San Francisco Bay Area

First and foremost we need to clarify what mold and mildew mean as terms; the terms are coined to describe unwanted fungus which grows in, on, or around your property, and looks like black, white, green, orange, or brown patches that develop on the affected surfaces in your home or office in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mold and mildew are usually a result of water damage or high humidity levels; both but especially mold can affect your health in a pretty bad way, leading to serious respiratory problems and many other diseases. Moreover in general mold affects the indoor air quality thus leading to the above-mentioned problems and poses a huge risk to the residents’ health.

What’s more, in order to know how to treat mold and mildew in the San Francisco Bay area a person needs to be well aware how it starts to grow in their property. Usually fungus spores are a normal part of the environment; besides outdoors in nature mold is a vital part of the eco-system, however, when mold and mildew spread indoors the situation becomes bad as it damages your property and adversely affects people’s health. Mold spores could penetrate into your home or office in the San Francisco Bay area through open windows, poorly insulated doors, or damaged HVAC systems; once inside they thrive once they find a suitable place to grow. What’s more, mold and mildew growth can occur just about anywhere in the property as long as moisture accumulates there. Another big helper of mold and mildew accumulation is when homeowners neglect some water damage that has occurred in their house, block of flats or office building and don’t deal with it professionally, meaning that they certainly need to hire an expert to solve the water-damage problem so that to prevent mold and mildew growth on the property in the vicinity of San Francisco Bay area.

Additionally, San Francisco itself is situated in Northern California by the coast hence it is the perfect area for people who love moderate weather; besides the the Bay Area seldom suffers from any extreme weather conditions like snowstorms or heat waves but of course, just like anywhere else such anomalies happen in San Francisco Bay area as well. However, the climate is very damp with very high level of humidity and steady flow of precipitation all year round; there are gusty winds and fog. Thus although San Francisco Bay area is an amazing place to live because of the stunning land- and cityscape the weather could be both a friend and an enemy since it is a catalyst for mold. That’s why properties in San Francisco Bay area are pretty often affected by mold and mildew and those not only cause unpleasant odour in the house but always health problems as mentioned above like sneezing and coughing, to name but the lightest of problems. A kind of mold best known by its name ‘Stachybotrys atra’ or ‘Stachybotrys Chartarum’ can also cause poor health conditions if a person is exposed to it. However, a huge problem of having mold within your property is that not all mold gives off odor or grows in visible locations, so your home and your health can be negatively affected without you even knowing about that.

Exactly because of this ancient oriental medicine tells us that clean, fresh air, is one of the most important components of not only physical, but also mental health. The word disease literally means, “dis-ease,” or being in a place where the body is not at ease. Hence the presence of mold and mildew in our indoor air has been clinically associated with more than just allergic reactions. Some studies show a link between airborne mold spores and depression, and even death. Besides mold and mildew destroys not only your health, but also the walls, floors, carpets, furniture and thus cause costly damages to your property.

All in all, this article is not meant to scare you but to keep you informed and to urge you to take measures. What could they be? First and foremost, search the internet for a professional mold and mildew inspection and testing company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Remember, you cannot and must not perform such services by yourself, you need to entrust this in the hands of specialists employed by an industry-certified and experienced company with the background and merits that promote consistent quality; after all we are talking here about your family’s health and your property. Once you find the right company for you in the vicinity of San Francisco Bay area call for their technicians to come and properly conduct mold and allergen sampling, leak detection, moisture testing, mold and mildew inspection and other condition assessment services at your property.

This means: they need to test the surfaces at your home or office for mold and mildew and perform air-quality testing; you need to have also the whole of the property checked for indoor allergens; leak detection and moisture testing. It’s best if the company can provide you with Infrared Thermal Imaging Assessment, as well as Water Damage Assessment and Mitigation. Then if the technicians find mold or mildew they need to take the samples to some third-party laboratory for analysis so that it will be most clear what the next steps will be. Finally you need to be handed in a complete review and laboratory report of the findings and proceed from then onwards with professional help as well.

After the finding are clear you need to receive a service quote from the professional mold and mildew restoration company and then if you agree to the price schedule an appointment with them for resolving the mold and mildew contamination or water damage issues found at your property. Still remember, don’t waste any time, research, find the company that you believe is most suitable according to the above mentioned criteria and call them so that to take urgent measures especially if you have had a water-damage emergency at your home recently.