Sewage Cleanup in San Francisco

Sewage damage can occur just about any time as an extremely serious problem, especially when that dirty water spreads inside your property in San Francisco. You need to be well aware that this dirty water is truly hazardous for your health because of all the fungi and bacteria it contains causing severe sickness and discomfort.

Moreover, sewage can cause problems in a variety of ways ranging from a broken sewer main and flood to toilet overflowing all of which lead to awful odour and filthy bio-hazardous mess; besides sewage backup can be the triggering of dangerous black mold growth, which can be a huge health risk in itself alone.

Some of the most wide-spread causes for sewage problems include:

  • sewage blockage caused by dirt, bones, hair, kitty litter or grease accumulation – you shouldn’t flush solid objects into the toilet especially if they are too big for the pipes to handle;
  • problems with sewer service lines like holes, cracks, pipe collapses, sags along the line, misaligned pipe and offset or open joints;
  • if there are trees near your house or block of flats they could get into the service pipe at joints and continue growing causing structural defects as they crack the pipes;
  • there could be a blockage in the city sanitary main and if this blockage is not detected in time then sewage from the main can back up through the floor drains into offices and homes;
  • last but not least, heavy rains cause sewer lines to fill up with water faster then they could possibly drain and then this leads to a sewage backup as the water flows back through floor drains causing overflows.

We need to know how the problems occur and the possible risks they could pose on our health. Moreover a sewer backup creates a stressful and emotional situation for the homeowner/renter. In some cases it may cause safety concerns as well as significant property loss.

Among the most common health problems that a sewage backup can cause are being spread through skin contact and inhalation; these are: Hepatitis, Dermatitis, Weil’s Disease, Legionnaires Disease, Gastroenteritis, allergic Alveolitis, asthma and fatal damage to kidneys, liver and blood as well as infection of the skin or eyes.

Additionally, grease is one of the leading causes of sewer clogs and overflows. Grease clogs sewer pipes in exactly the same fashion as fatty foods clog human arteries. Grease clings to the inside of the pipe and builds up over time, leading to a complete blockage. Many people believe pouring hot water down the drain will prevent grease clogs. However, this only pushes grease further down the pipe. Hot water cools rapidly and then grease hardens and adheres to the pipe. Grease-caused clogs in your home’s pipes can result in costly plumbing bills. Sewer overflows can damage property, cause health hazards, and threaten the environment.

So we need to take measures and prevent not only the unpleasant odour that you might sense from sewer blockage but also save our lives and homes.

First and foremost, if you spot any signs of sewage blockage research the internet thoroughly and find a company in the vicinity of San Francisco that specialises in sewage-cleanup problems. After all, good sewage cleanup techniques are required to return the building to a safe, useable place to live or work.

First the company you find should be certified under the professional standard of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Additionally, the company should be able to respond to emergencies and send an experienced technician at your property to locate the sewage leak, repair it, and treat all contaminated soil and building materials.

Still once the technician arrives at your home or office they first need to give you a free estimate of the price; of course, there could always happen to be additionally payments popping up in the process of the sewage cleanup in your property in San Francisco but still you need to get an overall idea of how costly the repair works would be. The free evaluation and written estimate should include detailed evaluation of the situation at hand, addressing you cleanup and restoration concerns in the best way possible, getting your questions answered, estimating or in other words getting a price quote in writing as an official document; still after receiving the written estimate you are not obliged in any way to work with this particular company. If you don’t like the price or whatever it is you could just call for another sewage cleanup company in the vicinity of San Francisco and receive another statement or quote. Still whatever you do, do it fast as the sewage backup problem needs to be tackled in time to avoid all the above mentioned risks and problems as well as more costly repairs.

So when you agree to the price and give green light to the specialists to stat their sewage-cleanup in your property in San Francisco they should be specially trained to extract sewage, mud and sewage water. Still before that they need to remove and properly dispose of porous materials including furniture, carpeting, bedding and any other items which have absorbed the sewage water – so be prepared for that; after all in case some pieces of furniture have been damaged by the sewage backup they need to be disposed of, you cannot clean them in anyway. Additionally, a good company in San Francisco should get their technicians to use special equipment when removing the sewer water, sewage and mud from both under and inside your property. Last but not least, all the affected areas in your home or office in the vicinity of the San Francisco region once clean of the sewage backup need to be treated in order to prevent the spread of biohazards such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and mold. Finally, a good sewage cleanup company in San Francisco will always provide you with guarantee for their services and in case any of the sewage cleanup services is not done right for whatever reason, they have to return to your home or office and fix it until you are satisfied.