Sewage Cleanup and Restoration

If you are searching for reliable Sewage Cleanup Company in San Francisco Bay Area, you should contact Water Damage Repair San Francisco. WDR San Francisco is an office and home cleaning company, a leader among the famous professional cleaning companies in Bay Area. We have over 5 years of experience in this field. Our responsibility and mission as a cleaning and restoration company is to be perfect in our work to the smallest detail.

In the process of work, in fulfilling the commitments we have made to our numerous customers, we use specialized professional cleaning machines and equipment, and manual operations when needed. The applied products and technologies are modern and environmentally friendly, as well as human health.

Water Damage Repair San Francisco specialize in Sewage Cleanup. During the years we restored many homes in Marina District and the rest of San Francisco areas. Our employees are highly experienced with excellent qualifications. The members of our team undergo periodic trainings, which allow us to maintain a high level of quality of service.

Water Damage Repair San Francisco’s team is an important factor in the success of the company. Team consists of qualified specialists with experience and strive to improve our professional qualification.

Water Damage Repair San Francisco offers a guaranteed and certified service quality that adapts to your needs. As professionals, we do not allow accidents, but we prepare a plan after a preview of the site. This plan includes exactly those activities you need.

Water Damage Repair San Francisco offers the citizens of San Francisco complete water removal and water damage restoration. All people should not underestimate the importance of Sewage Cleanup, because water can bring many viruses and harmful bacteria to your home. Serious illnesses can be caused if not treat the situation as emergency. The emergency of the situation can be determined according to the type of contaminated water.


  1. Basically, there are three types of contaminated water. The first type is so called “clean water”. If there is broken water supply line that has caused the flood, this water is harmless when the incident happened. If you don’t react immediately, this first type water can turn to second or third type, which we will describe.
  2. The “gray water” which represents the second type of contaminated water, can cause discomfort or illness. If there is an incident like toilet overflow with some urine, dishwashing overflow or washing machine overflow, the water will be classified as second type of contamination.
  3. The third category of contaminated water, named “black water” represents potential danger for person’s health. This water can cause severe illness and even death. It is essential to look for professional sewage cleanup in San Francisco Bay Area in case of presence of water from the toilet bowl with feces, or standing water that has begun to support microbial growth.

Helpful advices for Sewage Cleanup in San Francisco Bay Area

Removing mud and other debris, if necessary then proceed to a finer cleaning of surfaces with usual cleaning agents (applies to everything – walls, flooring, objects). It is mandatory to use rubber gloves to avoid direct contact with dirt and bleach. If there are grease-resistant stains on the plaster, after drying remove the part in question and make it new. After cleaning, disinfection occurs (applies to everything – walls, flooring, objects)

It is made with rubber gloves, with open windows and doors through solution of one part bleach and 9-10 parts water. The reconstituted solution is used immediately because it loses its disinfecting properties over time (to be prepared in small amounts sufficient for immediate use). Apply with a cloth or brush. Possible cleaning of the disinfecting solution takes place after at least 90 minutes contact with the surface (corrosion of metals, so they are cleaned immediately after a 30-45 minute period).

Clean the pieces of furniture with a damp cloth or sponge. Remove the mud and other flood residues, if necessary apply afterwards suitable wood cleaner. Following is disinfection and complete drying. Do not dry them in direct sunlight – the wood can be deformed by damaging the furniture to an irreparable extent. Place them in a dry and ventilated place with enough distance between them for the best possible ventilation and rapid drying. They are arranged 20 cm from the walls for the next few months (for better air circulation in order to minimize the possibility of mold on furniture or walls). They are regularly examined for the appearance of spots or mold.

If mold occurs, make a solution of 90 g Borax (boric acid) per 1 liter of warm water (no need to be boiled) and wipe it with a wipe thoroughly wiped first along the stripes of the tree, then across. Allow to dry and ready for use (as well as for additional treatment – varnish, paint, etc.). The method is also effective against bed bugs.
When the furniture is dry enough, treat it with mineral oil (liquid paraffin) or wax.

Hinges & Latches

Clean thoroughly from mud and other remains, dry and crush well.

LEATHER GOODS AND BOOKS are discarded. Leather shoes can be cleaned with water and a rag / sponge, then filled with a newspaper that has to be changed every day (to maintain its shape – absorbs and moisture). Do not dry in the sun or near heat sources. Once dried, they are thoroughly and frequently smeared with paraffin or other suitable product that will regain the softness of the skin. Finally they are polished.

CARPETS and WOOD FLOORS are discarded. If the area is predisposed to flooding, it is advisable to replace it with ceramic tiles. If you do not want to throw your gorgeous carpets away, you should contact professional company, offering Sewage Cleanup in San Francisco Bay Area. Water Damage San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most competent and reliable firms for sewage cleanup in San Francisco.

LININGS – you have to clean from the mud, rinse thoroughly with water, wash according to the manufacturer’s instructions, disinfect and dry in the sun.