Flooded crawl space in house San Mateo

Crawl space in the house is a typical aspect of our home that we often neglect. Crawl space can be two different types. The first type is located within the home and represents space in and between the walls. The second type of crawlspace is usually located under the home and around the foundation. Crawl space can flood easily from heavy rainfall.

The problem of flooded crawl space in house San Mateo can be caused of heavy rainfall, drain pipes or leaking water supply. The ground can be muddy or spongy, or the problem can be more serious – it may begin to pool up with water, about 1/2″ deep. If you notice that when someone takes a shower inside the house, this reflects on the level of water in the crawl space, then you should consult professional company for solution to this problem.

In water-prone areas, there are specific companies that specialize in water mitigation services. These companies are different from the well-known basement drying and restoration companies. The restoration companies come in after the problem has been fixed. Restoration companies clean and dry out the area. They will take care for your property once the problem is fixed. Search for companies that advertise for basement or crawl space waterproofing and drainage repairs. General contractors also can be quite helpful in this situation.

Flooded crawl space in house San Mateo is a serious problem that should not be delayed. Flooded crawl space can damage the wall materials and cause mold growth throughout the house.

Basically, the causes of damage to wall materials can be a variety of operational and construction violations, which lead to an increase in the moisture content of the internal surfaces of the premises. Besides flooded crawl space, possible causes can be the absence or malfunction of waterproofing around buildings, cracks in the walls, between the stalls and walls of buildings; leakage of roofs, malfunction or absence of drain pipes, ventilation; the presence of pools in the basement of cottages along with the lack of properly adjusted ventilation; freezing of walls in winter, disruption of air conditioners, heating systems; accidents of heat and water supply systems and so on.

Flooded crawl space in house San Francisco can affect people’s health in different ways. These diseases develop with prolonged contact with fungi and in people with a predisposition. Short-term contact poses no threat. Unfortunately, mold and its impact on health are not fully explored topics.

Numerous studies have shown that microscopic fungi participate in the pathogenesis of various human diseases. Fungi in general, and molds, in particular, can cause human diseases in three ways:

  1. Direct infection. Mold fungi cause these types of diseases very rarely and mainly in patients with severe immunodeficiency conditions.
  2. Fungi can cause allergic reactions, which are usually caused by inhalation or ingress of fungal particles into the mucous membranes. Allergies can cause both live and dead mushrooms.
  3. Fungi can produce toxins that cause painful reactions in humans and animals. The main way to get them into the body is the gastrointestinal tract – with contaminated toxic food. Some toxins are very powerful poisons.

The most common effect is allergenic. Mold and yeast fungi play the role of aeroallergens. The significant prevalence of fungi all over the world makes them important factors in the development and provocation of exacerbations, as well as the persistent course of bronchial asthma.

Some researchers also include migraines, otitis, nasal congestion, bronchitis, cardiovascular disorders, and so on as possible consequences from being exposed to mold. Therefore, microscopic fungi of premises (in dust, air, on walls) are considered as an essential factor that can adversely affect human health.

Of course, the presence of mold in the house does not mean a guaranteed receipt of these diseases, but in any case, it does not contribute to improving the comfort of the home and improving your health

What kind of diseases can cause mold?

The common effect of mold is asthma, pneumonia, upper respiratory tract diseases, sinusitis, dry cough, skin rashes, upset stomach, headaches, and nosebleeds. Prolonged exposure can lead to internal bleeding, damage to the kidneys and liver, lung emphysema. The ingress of mold into a person, mold poisoning is called mycosis.

In addition to the negative impact of mold on human health, mold damage has a strong effect on unprotected wooden structures. First and foremost, we are talking about wood-destroying fungi that can turn a tree into dust in a short period of time. This is a long-term consequence from having flooded crawl space in house San Mateo.

According to World Health Organization estimates that some 60% of the problems caused by air quality and allergies can be linked to mold. According to some researchers, these percentages are much higher and reaches 80%. In case of mold in our home is desirable to take care of removing the causes leading to its development, not only to take measures to restore the aesthetic appearance of the home

How to build premises to reduce the likelihood of mold?

Protecting a habitable building from penetration of spores appears practically impossible, since they are found in large quantities in the air around us. However, this is not a cause for concern, because until you meet the appropriate development conditions, the spores remain inactive. Until activated, the spores can not cause any damage. When building a separate room, it would be better to follow certain points which would significantly reduce the presence of favorable for the occurrence of mold protection. It is important that the joints between the tiles are filled. It is particularly recommended that this be done with a grout with silver ions which have antibacterial activity. Take care for flooded crawl space in house San Mateo immediately!