Water Damage. Water and Sewage Extraction in San Francisco

Unfortunately, there is no one who is protected from water damage, caused by a problem in the plumbing system. Such can occur in any home, at any time of the year and at any time of the day. This means that in such situations, if water damage happens unpredictably, we just have to keep ourselves calm and act wisely. You should contact a professional company, offering water and sewage extraction services in San Francisco immediately! Here’s what you need to know about water damage, when, where and how it happens most often, and how to deal with an unforeseen situation.

Among the causes of damages in the water supply network are quite often mentioned the shifting of the earth layers. Sometimes there is only a small amount of shuffling or sinking to make a similar failure. Interestingly, there is no need for an earthquake to happen, because that can actually happen even without anything happening.

Typically, the most common damage to the plumbing installation at home is caused unintentionally by the homeowners. It is not uncommon to experience serious breaks of parts of the installation when trying to replace a battery and other similar routine activities. This could also happen in the presence of the living, but sometimes it happens when no one is at home or at night. In such cases, serious floods may occur. It is usually urgent to call a company, dealing with water and sewage extraction in San Francisco to cope with the problem.

A common picture is to burst a pipe during a repair in the yard of a private property. This is pretty familiar to many people who live at home, because in fact, it has happened to many more people than you can imagine. Usually the accident occurs at times of making repairs to the garden where digging is required. It happens that in unfortunate circumstances the workers can injure the pipeline in some way. This can cause serious damage and leave the household without water until the accident is remedied.

When do we have to replace the plumbing system?

Many people want to know how long a water supply network lasts and should they change the plumbing installation over a number of years. Although it sounds simple, this question is quite complex and many specialists refuse to give a specific answer. In practice, the plumbing system is designed so that it does not need to be replaced. However, this does not exclude accidental occurrences. The truth is that a 20-year-old plumbing could be far more robust, reliable, and quality that was made a few months ago.

What to do in case of water damage?

Specialists in the repair and refurbishment of plumbing installations advise everyone to have a telephone number of a reliable company, dealing with water and sewage extraction in San Francisco. So in the event of an emergency you will have someone to call for assistance immediately. Of course, with more luck, you may never have to, but you still can not be sure.

Very often when you make a complete renovation of your home or you specifically repair the bathroom, the repair can not be done without the help of an experienced water and sewage extraction specialist. The reason is that it is usually necessary to replace not a small part of the pipes of the plumbing and sewerage system of the home, and this requires little experience and skill. Sometimes people get involved with it, but it does not take long to make sure that it is not a job for an inexperienced person and that they will save a lot of care if they simply seek a master.

When water finally leaves your home you can begin a full-scale cleaning of the home. It is necessary to start with draining the site in order to remove water from the base as soon as possible. To do this, along the perimeter of the house you need to dig a ditch, and several such ditches along the edge of the site. It is even better to lay several drainage pipes still at the stage of building a house. Then the water will quickly depart and less harm the buildings.

The house needs to be cleaned of the mud caused by water. This is done manually with a shovel and a wheelbarrow. Further it is necessary to ensure good ventilation of the premises, so that the house will dry as soon as possible, and mold does not have time to start it. Today, to accelerate the drainage of walls, special drying equipment is used, which creates a weak electromagnetic radiation, positively charging the moisture in its area of action. As a result, the moisture moves towards the negatively charged soil and is thus displaced outward.

All the wetted property must be disinfected, but for this it must first be dried. It is best to dry things in the shade, especially furniture that can be deformed in the sun. All the wet furniture from the chipboard is irretrievably lost – with it you can not suffer, and immediately put on firewood.

Reconstruction after flooding

It is possible to start repair of the dwelling, which was flooded, only after the building structures are finally dried. Outwardly, they may appear dry, but it takes 4 to 6 months for them to dry completely. If the house has cracks, then they need to install beacons. If the cracks divergence is wider than 10 mm, you need to contact specialists who will prompt a further plan of work to eliminate their causes.

Disassembly of the damaged parts of the house is carried out from the top to the bottom. Broken walls can not be replaced, but strengthen them with an additional layer of brick or aerated concrete. The most costly case is a violation of the foundation of the building.

In the soaked areas you need to remove the entire finish, after which the surfaces are treated with calcium chloride or chloramines. Then repair or replace the window and door blocks. You should take these measures immediately in order to protect your property and your health. Structural damages and appearance of mold are the most common consequences in case your home has suffered a flood.