How to Deal With Water Damage Caused By Plumbing Failure

Some plumbing failure could cause substantial damage to your home or office building in San Francisco and Bay Area. Have you ever been a victim of flooding at your property, due to errors caused by your plumber or plumbing company?

The most common problems include leaking toilets or dripping faucets; the greater issues are caused by bursting or leaking pipe due to errors the plumber or plumbing company working on your property has made. Besides, high humidity conditions caused by water loss at some part of your property create the perfect environment for mold growth. What’s more, leakages caused by plumbing failure could be slow and gradual they may take years to detect but this means that huge property damage will occur in the end forcing you to spend large amount of money on repair works; or there could be a sudden pipe burst due to errors made by your plumber or plumbing company that again require quite a substantial amount of money. No matter what the cause is home or business owners, who have experienced water damage, know exactly how horrifying the results could be and how destructive such damages often are. Faulty plumbing, old pipes and broken hot water heaters usually lead to tremendous amount of damage especially when no one is at home.

Signs and ways to reduce damage from faulty plumbing in your house or commercial building in San Francisco Bay Area could include the following:

  • first and foremost an increased monthly water bill could be a clear indicator for some leakage or another problem caused by faulty piping;
  • secondly, banging pipes, rust stains and moisture on the walls or on the floor could also indicate that your plumber or plumbing company has made huge mistakes when installing or repairing the pipe system;
  • signs of wet soil near the foundation could be quite some evidence for faulty plumbing;
  • in winter months, setting the thermostat to 60 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, letting faucets drip or insulating pipes, if the plumber or the plumbing company hasn’t done this, could save your pipes from bursting;
  • as a true back-up plan, it is probably wise to install a hose leak detection system, which could spot any water damage due to errors made by your plumber or plumbing company.

Another problem that could arise from faulty plumbing is the following:

  • if your plumber or plumbing company is not experienced enough and doesn’t know that a backflow prevention assembly should be installed in the sewer system of older properties in San Francisco, ask some well-informed professional, who will know for sure that in case the sewer system of the property is connected to the city’s sewer system or the building is situated downhill or below street level in San Francisco, they definitely should have such an assembly installed into the plumbing system;
  • as well as that all the trees planted outside your house in San Francisco should be away from any lateral drawn lines so that to stop roots from damaging the piping;
  • remember not to pour grease down the drain.

As you have already learnt most of the water damage cases on private and business properties in San Francisco are caused by ineffective piping or repair works by plumbers and plumbing companies. Make sure to research thoroughly before hiring such a company in San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Ask your relatives or friends for plumbers or professional plumbing company they have hired for their properties in the Bay Area of San Francisco;
  • make sure the plumbers at the company you’ve chosen have a state license or certificate;
  • when finding the right plumber or plumbing company in San Francisco Bay Area, ask for an estimate and make sure all the materials needed are included in it as well;
  • ask for quality materials covered by warranty when applicable;
  • ask the plumber or the plumbing company who is responsible for obtaining all permits necessary – you or they;
  • ask whether their company or that particular plumbing professional guarantees the work in case some issues arise connected to faulty plumbing or repair works;
  • research whether the plumber or the plumbing company performs a cleanup of the area in your private or business property after the work is finished;
  • research whether the plumber or plumbing company take precautions to prevent injuries and property damages in San Francisco.

So in summary, water damage can happen at your house or office in San Francisco Bay Area after its structure has experienced some plumbing failure mainly due to inexperienced work by the plumber or the plumbing company. Of course, broken underground pipes could also cause problems. Water damage in San Francisco could result in warped floors, soaked rugs and carpets, damaged pieces of furniture and walls, to name but a few. Hence once these have occurred you need to take immediate measures and call for water damage restoration and mold inspection at your home or office in San Francisco Bay Area. Ask your friends and relatives to recommend the best plumbers and plumbing companies in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Don’t forget to shut off the main water source on the building once some plumbing failure has occurred on it. Last but not least, make sure the important electrical breakers are shut down so that you can safely unplug and remove electrical devices once water damage occur due to plumbing failure. Be aware that in case flooding happens, repair works should start immediately.

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